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Mixer MIDAS M32

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The Midas DL16 Digital Stagebox is here and it’s made to use with the Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console! It’s the perfect combination for your house of worship!

The Midas DL16 Digital Stagebox is a compact 2U rackmount that gives you all the inputs and outputs you could want in a stagebox! Before the release of the DL16, audio engineers were connecting their Midas M32 Digital Mixing Consoles to Behringer S16s. Although the Behringer S16 is a fantastic stagebox that’s nearly identical to the DL16, there’s nothing that compares to the successful implementation and utilization of two pieces of Midas made craftsmanship

The Midas DL16 is made to work in both indoor and outdoor live sound environments, so it’ll work well if you decide to move your congregation outside. This powerful digital stagebox gives you 16 inputs and eight outputs. It also comes with 16 Midas award-winning microphone preamplifiers. With over 40 years of design experience, these critically acclaimed mic preamps deliver in warmth and depth of sound. The preamps are able to bring out a humble ambiance that maintains spatial positioning thanks to professional grade components. The Midas DL16 Digital Stagebox houses the same type of microphone preamplifiers that are found in the Midas Pro Console series.


In addition to those award-winning microphone preamplifiers, the Midas DL16 Digital Stagebox features eight balanced low impedance line level inputs. Each and every input/output has both balanced and unbalanced signals in order to prevent noise, signal degradation and crosstalk interference. Included in the hardware are dual AES50 ports. Up to three DL16s can be daisy-chained together with CAT5 cable to deliver a total of 48 channel inputs and 24 channel outputs. The AES50 ports give audio engineers not only high channel counts, but error detection, network redundancy, low latencies and accurate networked clock distribution as well!

As an added bonus, Midas has ensured that every configuration setting available on the DL16 Digital Stagebox can be locked on the M32 Digital Mixing Console for safe system security. As far as the configuration settings, every one has completely programmable parameters.

The Midas DL16 Digital Stagebox, combined with the Midas M32 Digital Mixing Console, would give your house of worship the power and technical prowess needed to ensure your sermons and events go according to plan.

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